Laser Hair Removal in Johns Creek, GA

Woman's Legs Beside a Swimming PoolThe weather is starting to get warmer, and you’re finally starting to reach for your shorter clothes and favorite sandals to stay cool through the day. Like a lot of women, you start to joke about how you have to shave more because of the skin that’s starting to show.

But what if you didn’t have to shave at all? Thanks to laser hair removal, that’s a real possibility!

Is it Right for You?

Laser hair removal is a safe and effective treatment that we offer. It’s great for legs, arms, bikini lines, or practically anywhere on your body. Unlike waxing and shaving, lasers permanently remove your hair so that it doesn’t keep coming back. It can take a few sessions to completely achieve your goals, but it’s safe for all skin tones and complexions.

You may be a candidate for laser hair removal if you are constantly bothered or inconvenienced by the extra time it takes to groom and feel confident in your skin. After all, hair grows faster on some than it does others, and shaving every day may be a time-consuming task that you’d like to cut out from your daily routine.

Others may benefit from laser hair removal if they struggle to get a close shave and/or suffer from unsightly red bumps or irritation from shaving. Even waxing can cause irritation and trauma to certain skin types, and this can be avoided with laser hair removal.

Finally, it is important to consider the cost savings in laser hair removal. The upfront cost of laser treatment may make it difficult to believe you are saving money. However, if you tally the expense of razors, shaving cream and waxing treatments for the rest of your life, the price tag on permanent laser hair removal can quickly bring confidence to your investment.

Other Benefits of Lasers for Your Skin Appearance

Lasers also work great on treating other cosmetic skin problems, such as pigmented lesions (sun spots,) varicose veins, and even loose skin! Not only will you get to enjoy smooth, hair-free skin, you can take advantage of the number of advantages that lasers have to offer your body on an overall basis.

Get a No-Pressure Consultation

To find out how laser hair removal can help you enjoy silky smooth skin every day, request an appointment at Ederra Bella Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa in Johns Creek, GA. We’ll discuss which areas you want to treat, what the process entails, and costs associated with the procedure, so that you can plan accordingly. Flexible payment options are also available! Call us today to get started.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Myla Bennett, Ederra Bella Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa

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Kimberly E.

Dr. Bennett is absolutely amazing! From the very beginning, I felt incredibly comfortable and at home. She is highly skilled and top notch with everything she does. The results of my liposuction were incredible and my skin has noticeably been transformed by Dr. Bennett's facials and skincare line. She is a highly skilled, extraordinarily gifted doctor with the most beautiful spirit and genuinely cares about each one of her patients. I give Dr. Bennett and her staff my highest recommendation. Her staff is always kind, courteous and professional.

Gwen R.

Love the family like environment. My experience with the doctor and everyone in the office began with the follow up phone call from the online inquiry. Felt like I have known each of them for years. They made my experience so much easier than I thought it would have been. Just being in the office is a comforting beginning to my procedures. With the procedures that I did have I am quickly seeing some results. I would definitely recommend anyone to this establishment.

Ali A.

Let me first say that this place is so cute! The ambience is amazing. Amanda and her staff are extremely friendly, attentive and professional. Chanel performed a hydra facial with light therapy and I immediately saw results. I have been receiving compliments on my skin daily and I give all credit to Dr. Myla’s PrettyRX skincare line! Try Chanel and Dr. Myla out, you won’t regret it! Plus there’s plenty of free parking!

Karen A.

The Royal Treatment! From the moment you walk in the staff make you feel special. The Hydrafacial was beyond amazing and far exceeded my expectations. I'm still glowing! Chanel who did my facial was a complete joy, knowledgeable and very professional. Dr. Myla is a true Boss lady and rockstar physician. I can't wait to book my next appointment.

Caro C.

Dr. Myla Bennett is great. I found her on Instagram! After seeing many of her cases, I decided to make an appointment for a virtual consultation. I'm in NH where we don't have plastic surgeons that specialize in ethnic skin. Making that appointment was the best decision ever. She developed a regimen for me that I followed diligently. I never had horrible skin but Dr. Myla definitely put my skin on another level. I get compliments all the time...and I NEVER wear makeup. Her products are great too! Definitely give Dr. Myla a call, and don't hesitate if you are outside of GA.

Porscha S.

Ederra Bella is the best! Dr. Myla is very knowledgeable and she goes well beyond the call of duty to make sure her patients are well-informed. The staff is very friendly and the second you walk into the office, you immediately feel like you’re part of the family. I have and will continue referring Ederra Bella for anyone seeking services related to skin care and plastic surgery. I do want to add, Dr. Myla has just launched her skin care line, PrettyRx and it is absolutely amazing. I’ve gotten so many compliments, from random people I see during the day to make-up and skin professionals, telling me about how great my skin is. The products are light, gentle and, most importantly, they work! If you want clear, pretty and youthful skin, PrettyRx is what you need.

Towanda D.

Dr. Myla, is absolutely amazing, I trust her with my life. I had surgery and it ended up being two surgeries because of a issue she identified and made sure it got taken care of. Dr. Myla goes above and beyond to make her clients feel beautiful and important. I called and text her and she always answered and assisted with any questions, no matter the time. I would recommend her for any services, because she is very professional and knows her stuff. Thank you and your team Dr. Myla, for making me preserve my pretty!.

Hamsa W.

Dr. Mayla and the whole staff just phenomenal caring people their work and safty is beyond my expectations , any one thinking about doing serious stuff don to their body and face I say Ederra Bella is the place for you . And by the way I love love dr. Mayla’s Products “pretty RX” it did wonders to my skin . Thank you Ederra Bella .