Botox Basics

Woman Touching Her Cheek After Botox InjectionsHave years of frowning, laughing and squinting left you with an aged, tired or angry appearance? You’ve probably heard of a popular non-surgical solution called Botox. Botox continues to top the list as the most popular facial injectable. Unlike filler products that add volume to an aging face, Botox works quite differently. It is important to understand which of your facial concerns need filler treatment and which ones require Botox.

What is Botox?

Botox is considered a neuro-modulator, which means it can relax the facial muscles that cause wrinkles to form. Botox® is a brand of botulinum toxin, a safe and purified protein that essentially blocks signals from the facial nerves to the facial muscle, which then weakens the muscle and prevents excessive facial movement in the targeted area. As a result, lines and wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and forehead can be softened. When used early and consistently, Botox may also help reduce the development of future wrinkles as well as diminish the existing lines and creases. When performed by a trained and experienced plastic surgeon, Botox should reverse the signs of aging without giving patients an unnatural appearance.

Where is Botox Most Effective?

While we all make the same general facial expressions, some of us have more exaggerated facial movements than others. For example, you may squint harder and more often than others or you may have a bigger smile. There is no right and wrong way to express your feelings on your face. However, the facial skin is likely to react after years of persistent movements.

As a result, Botox is commonly used to address the following unwanted signs of facial aging:

  • Crow’s feet
  • The 11’s or furrow
  • Forehead worry lines
  • Smokers lines around the mouth
  • Frown lines

While facial Botox is temporary, lasting 3 to 4 months depending on the patient, this neuromodulator injection is still a very effective wrinkle treatment. When performing Botox injections, you can trust that Ederra Bella for the elite training, deep knowledge and artistic vision it takes to create results that look natural and do not compromise your facial expressions.

Why Choose Botox Cosmetic Treatment?

Many patients opt for Botox when they are unwilling, unable or not ready for plastic surgery. Botox is a safe, budget-friendly alternative to address facial aging without the downtime and risks of cosmetic surgery. Ideal candidates for Botox treatments are typically men and women who are healthy and want to reduce forehead creases, glabellar lines and crow’s feet using a non-invasive approach. In most cases, younger patients who have less advanced signs of facial aging experience the best Botox results.

In the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon, Botox can also be used to lift the outer corners of the brows and lips, which often sag or turn downward with age. By targeting and relaxing the specific muscles that pull the brow and lip corners down, Botox can provide subtle rejuvenation to these facial features. In turn, patients tend to not only look younger and more rested, but they appear happier as well.

At Ederra Bella, you may combine your Botox treatment with one or more facial fillers to restore lost volume and create a more complete non-surgical facial rejuvenation. We also offer chemical peels and other skin resurfacing techniques to finalize your refreshed and vibrant look. Call today to learn more.

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Let me first say that this place is so cute! The ambience is amazing. Amanda and her staff are extremely friendly, attentive and professional. Chanel performed a hydra facial with light therapy and I immediately saw results. I have been receiving compliments on my skin daily and I give all credit to Dr. Myla’s PrettyRX skincare line! Try Chanel and Dr. Myla out, you won’t regret it! Plus there’s plenty of free parking!

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The Royal Treatment! From the moment you walk in the staff make you feel special. The Hydrafacial was beyond amazing and far exceeded my expectations. I'm still glowing! Chanel who did my facial was a complete joy, knowledgeable and very professional. Dr. Myla is a true Boss lady and rockstar physician. I can't wait to book my next appointment.

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Dr. Myla Bennett is great. I found her on Instagram! After seeing many of her cases, I decided to make an appointment for a virtual consultation. I'm in NH where we don't have plastic surgeons that specialize in ethnic skin. Making that appointment was the best decision ever. She developed a regimen for me that I followed diligently. I never had horrible skin but Dr. Myla definitely put my skin on another level. I get compliments all the time...and I NEVER wear makeup. Her products are great too! Definitely give Dr. Myla a call, and don't hesitate if you are outside of GA.

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Ederra Bella is the best! Dr. Myla is very knowledgeable and she goes well beyond the call of duty to make sure her patients are well-informed. The staff is very friendly and the second you walk into the office, you immediately feel like you’re part of the family. I have and will continue referring Ederra Bella for anyone seeking services related to skin care and plastic surgery. I do want to add, Dr. Myla has just launched her skin care line, PrettyRx and it is absolutely amazing. I’ve gotten so many compliments, from random people I see during the day to make-up and skin professionals, telling me about how great my skin is. The products are light, gentle and, most importantly, they work! If you want clear, pretty and youthful skin, PrettyRx is what you need.

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Dr. Myla, is absolutely amazing, I trust her with my life. I had surgery and it ended up being two surgeries because of a issue she identified and made sure it got taken care of. Dr. Myla goes above and beyond to make her clients feel beautiful and important. I called and text her and she always answered and assisted with any questions, no matter the time. I would recommend her for any services, because she is very professional and knows her stuff. Thank you and your team Dr. Myla, for making me preserve my pretty!.

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Dr. Mayla and the whole staff just phenomenal caring people their work and safty is beyond my expectations , any one thinking about doing serious stuff don to their body and face I say Ederra Bella is the place for you . And by the way I love love dr. Mayla’s Products “pretty RX” it did wonders to my skin . Thank you Ederra Bella .