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Vaginal Rejuvenation: Labial Fillers

Deflation and volume loss in the outer lips of the vagina – also known as the labia majora – is a common aesthetic concern for many women after having a child or going through menopause. As the labia loses volume, the darker toned hanging inner labia can become more visible – leading to an overall flatter and slightly sagging vaginal region. The loss of volume can also contribute to discomfort during sex as the labia majora acts as a cushion to help lessen the effects of friction and impact during intercourse.

However, Ederra Bella provides a non-surgical, non-invasive way to turn back the clock on this delicate, intimate area. Reclaim your sexual confidence by restoring the supple plumpness of youth using cosmetic fillers.

Main Causes of Labial Volume Loss

Hormonal changes and decreases in estrogen can cause the delicate outer labial area to become thinner and develop wrinkles. This occurs in the same way a person’s face loses volume and elasticity as they age. This deflation and aging of the intimate area can make many women self-conscious and detract from their confidence and vivacity in the bedroom.

By restoring the labia majora’s plumpness using cosmetic fillers – much like you would for your lips or cheeks to restore youthfulness to the face – you can restore a more sexy size and shape to your vulva and allow yourself to enjoy sex again.

Types of Labial Fillers

During your initial consultation, Ederra Bella’s founding physician Dr. Myla may recommend either Juvederm or Sculptra depending on your personal needs and desired outcomes.

Both Juvederm and Sculptra treatments can be completed in only 30 minutes, so you can get them done on a lunch break! This allows you to continue on with your normal daily activities immediately after your appointment.

Juvederm, one of the most trusted names in cosmetic fillers, plumps the labia in the same way that lip and cheek fillers work. It has immediate results, which last up to a year. Sculptra helps to increase collagen production in the area and produces results that build over time. While Sculptra’s effects are less immediate, they last for up to two years.

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Reclaim your sexual confidence and enjoyment by restoring your body back to a more youthful shape. Schedule a vaginal rejuvenation appointment with Dr. Myla at Ederra Bella today by filling out our online contact form.

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