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Rhinoplasty (Nose Job Surgery)

The nose is a prominent focal feature that affects how you and others perceive your face. When you are not happy about the shape, size or position of your nose or nostrils, Dr. Myla Bennett can provide effective solutions at Ederra Bella in Johns Creek. We specialize in nose procedures that produce positive outcomes for patients from every ethnicity.

When you are considering nose job surgery, it is important to think about how the procedure will impact anatomical functions. The nose plays a crucial role in functions such as breathing, smell, taste and even hearing. Any rhinoplasty surgery should take these functions into account, as well as ensure that the structural integrity of the nostrils is preserved.

Rhinoplasty Specialist in Georgia

Dr. Myla Bennett is a rhinoplasty specialist, and her office is located in Johns Creek, Georgia. If you require an out-of-town consultation, Dr. Bennett offers virtual guidance through available treatment options. At Ederra Bella, we are committed to providing patients with individualized rhinoplasty surgery that takes any unique challenges into consideration.

With a degree in biology and a professional history in medicine and plastic surgery, Dr. Myla Bennett is highly-qualified to offer you excellence in rhinoplasty solutions. As a patient of Ederra Bella, you are actively involved in shaping the outcomes of your treatment. Pursuing rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Bennett will positively change your life.

To explore your rhinoplasty options, we recommend taking advantage of a professional consultation with Dr. Myla Bennett at her Johns Creek practice. You will receive expert treatment recommendations and guidance from Georgia’s top plastic surgeon in a friendly and open setting.

Call our office today, or request a consultation via the Ederra Bella website. Dr. Myla Bennett is your trusted rhinoplasty specialist in the Atlanta Metro area and throughout Georgia.

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