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Nostril Reduction Surgery

Are you self-conscious about the size and shape of your nostrils? Nostril reduction surgery is a common procedure that can dramatically transform the appearance of your nose. As one of the focal facial features, the nostrils can negatively impact overall aesthetics. Even minor reduction surgery can improve how you look and feel. When considering nostril reduction procedures, it is important to choose a surgeon who has the experience and skill to make the changes without negatively affecting function.

It is important that functions such as breathing, taste and hearing are not disrupted when performing nostril reduction surgery. Dr. Myla Bennett understands the ways in which the nostrils contribute to overall health and wellness. Every patient at Ederra Bella benefits from an individualized approach to nostril reduction, keeping these contributions in mind.

Individualized Nostril Reduction

Although nostril reduction surgeries are relatively common, not all surgeons have the skill or experience necessary to achieve successful outcomes for patients. Dr. Myla Bennett treats each patient as an individual who faces their own unique aesthetic challenges. All nostril reduction options are fully discussed during a virtual or in-office consultation, allowing patients to commit to a treatment plan that suits his/her needs and lifestyle.

If you have undergone previous nostril reduction surgery that has inhibited breathing or other functions of the nose, Dr. Myla Bennett can offer effective surgical revision. At Ederra Bella, cosmetic surgery meets the gold standard you would expect from one of Georgia’s top plastic surgeons. Dr. Bennett is passionate about providing patients with affordable solutions for improving nostril aesthetics and function at her Johns Creek practice.

Reach out to Ederra Bella and Dr. Myla Bennett for nostril reduction and revision. Improve your self-esteem so you can face the world with confidence.

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