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Asian/Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Did you know that your ethnicity can play a pivotal role in how a plastic surgeon approaches rhinoplasty surgery? Dr. Myla Bennett specializes in offering patients of Asian ethnicity solutions that result in a more flattering, proportionate and symmetrical nose. When you want to completely change the aesthetics of your face, the nose is a prominent feature that may benefit from cosmetic nose surgery.

One of the main focuses for Dr. Myla Bennett is ensuring that the structural integrity of the nose is protected when a patient opts for a rhinoplasty. Ethnicity affects the shape and function of the nose, which is why specialized techniques are recommended at Ederra Bella. We understand that your ethnicity is an important part of who you are. That is why all treatments are designed to enhance the appearance of the nose without compromising the patient’s ethnic identity.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Consultation

An essential aspect of the services offered at Ederra Bella include access to a consultation with Dr. Myla Bennett. Patients from all over the United States can take advantage of a virtual consultation with Dr. Bennett for treatment recommendations. If you wish to undergo ethnic rhinoplasty surgery, it is important to place your care in the hands of a doctor you can trust. At Ederra Bella, Dr. Myla Bennett offers patients individualized treatment options that take any unique cosmetic challenges into account.

For an ethnic rhinoplasty consultation with an expert cosmetic surgeon in Georgia, put your faith in the experience and skill of Dr. Myla Bennett. You will not regret taking the first steps toward achieving your ideal nose size, shape and position for perfected aesthetics.

Reach out to the office of Dr. Myla Bennett in Johns Creek today to explore the benefits of ethnic rhinoplasty to improve how you look and feel.

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