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Torn Earlobe Repair

Has your earlobe suffered a tear from a piercing or an accident? Dr. Myla Bennett of Ederra Bella can provide solutions at her Johns Creek practice. Earlobe tears are notorious for standing out in all the wrong ways. When the tissue heals, scars are clearly visible, and excess tissue can form. This excess tissue can cause unsightly deformities that impact the proportion and symmetry of the ears.

There are a number of ear surgical options that Dr. Myla Bennett can use to repair torn earlobes, including building up the ear when significant tissue loss has occurred. At Ederra Bella, we offer a virtual consultation for out-of-town patients seeking treatment advice from an expert plastic surgeon. From the comfort of your home, you can receive recommendations on the most viable solutions for repairing your damaged earlobes.

Ear Piercing Scar Revision

When an ear piercing goes wrong, it can result in a torn or badly scarred earlobe. Dr. Bennett specializes in correcting damage to the earlobes after a piercing. One bad experience should not define how you express yourself through body piercings. At Ederra Bella, we provide our patients with surgical options that repair unintended damage from a botched piercing.

If you had piercings in your youth that are now jeopardizing your chosen career path, seek revision from Dr. Myla Bennett. Most piercing holes will heal up naturally with minimal scarring. However, when that doesn’t happen, you can rely on Ederra Bella to provide revision surgery options in Johns Creek, Georgia. Dr. Bennett will recommend appropriate surgical options for pierced ear repair during your virtual or in-office consultation.

If you are searching for effective torn earlobe repair in Georgia, reach out to Ederra Bella today. Dr. Myla Bennett and her team are waiting for your call.

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