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Microtia Ear Surgery

Do you suffer from microtia ear? This genetic deformity can be a huge distraction from otherwise aesthetically pleasing looks. When your ears are not framing your face properly, seek surgery from the experts at Ederra Bella in Johns Creek, Georgia. Dr. Myla Bennett and her team provide access to a consultation in a virtual or in-person setting. No matter where you call home, Dr. Bennett wants to offer the opportunity to seek treatment from one of Georgia’s top plastic surgeons.

During a consultation, Dr. Myla Bennett will provide recommendations for effective microtia treatment options. At Ederra Bella, we use only the most advanced techniques and technology for all our cosmetic procedures. Dr. Bennett can reshape the structure of one or both ears to achieve perfect symmetry and correct proportions.

Microtia is a condition caused by genetic factors. However, it can also happen to the fetus during pregnancy as a side effect of isotretinoin medication. Dr. Myla Bennett will provide a full consultation before outlining an effective strategy for correcting microtia ear.

Congenital Ear Deformity Treatment

Treatment is available for congenital ear deformities at Ederra Bella under the expert care of Dr. Myla Bennett. We understand how these conditions can impact the self-esteem of our patients. If you wish to pursue surgery to correct a congenital ear deformity, begin your journey with a friendly and informal consultation at the office of Dr. Myla Bennett.

At Ederra Bella, we can combine treatments to achieve a complete aesthetic makeover in Georgia. Your congenital ear deformity treatment will depend on the recommendations made during your consultation.

For further information on microtia ear surgery or to arrange a consultation with Dr. Myla Bennett and her team, reach out to Ederra Bella in Johns Creek today. We offer excellence in aesthetic solutions with non-surgical and surgical treatment options.

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