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Ear Reshaping Surgery

Is the shape of your ears a defining feature that impacts your self-confidence? At Ederra Bella, we help patients achieve reimagined aesthetics through ear reshaping surgery in Johns Creek. Dr. Myla Bennett is a renowned plastic surgeon who offers excellence in cosmetic makeovers, using non-surgical and surgical procedures. You can greatly improve facial framing with treatment options that are designed to effectively reduce ears that are prominent in shape or size.

Dr. Myla Bennett and her team offer a number of ways for patients to benefit from a professional consultation. For out-of-town visitors, a virtual consultation provides access to expert advice and guidance from anywhere in the world. If you live in or around the Atlanta Metro area or in Georgia, Dr. Myla Bennett is available for an in-person consultation at her Johns Creek practice.

Reshape Large or Prominent Ears in Georgia

The shape and size of ears can impact how you perceive your overall looks. Seeking ear reshaping surgery from Dr. Myla Bennett will help you gain confidence and feel less self-conscious about how your face is framed. Surgery involves making small incisions behind the ear, resulting in minimal scarring that is hidden away.

The proportion and symmetry of features will be correct when you choose ear reshaping from Dr. Myla Bennett in Georgia. One simple, cost-effective procedure can radically transform your appearance. There are a number of options for ear reshaping available from Ederra Bella, including ear pinning, keloid scar removal and torn earlobe repair. Dr. Bennett will make treatment recommendations for ear reshaping on a case-by-case basis.

If you would like to learn more about ear reshaping, reach out to Ederra Bella in Johns Creek today. We offer excellence in virtual or in-person consultations. All treatment options are safe, affordable and designed to result in the enhancement of your most attractive features.

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