Cosmetic Mole Removal by a Plastic Surgeon

Skin blemishes can greatly impact overall aesthetics and confidence. Moles that are highly visible due to color, shape or size can be removed with minimal scarring by an experienced plastic surgeon. The opportunity to improve the look and feel of your skin can become a reality in Johns Creek, Georgia. If you have a mole that you would like to have removed for cosmetic reasons, Dr. Myla Bennett of Ederra Bella offers expert consultation and treatment options.

We have a number of simple mole removal procedures available to patients, which are carried out safely and effectively at our office. As a top plastic surgeon in Georgia, Dr. Myla Bennett has an impressive professional history in aesthetics and wound healing. Degrees in medicine and biology have allowed Dr. Bennett to provide patients with the gold standard in treatment options for cosmetic mole removal.

Safe Mole Investigation & Removal

If you are worried about having a mole removed in Georgia, consulting with a plastic surgeon that provides a risk-free investigation will help ease your mind. Dr. Myla Bennett has an impressive resume and a wealth of experience in both non-surgical and surgical cosmetic procedures. With the support of her team, Dr. Bennett has positively changed the lives of countless patients by providing excellence in cosmetic mole removal options.

At Ederra Bella, we understand that patients may have concerns about the potential malignancy of moles. If you have any questions about mole removal, Dr. Myla Bennett and her team can guide you through the entire process.

Reach out to Ederra Bella today to book a consultation at our Johns Creek office. We look forward to helping you find new confidence through mole removal and other recommended treatments from Dr. Myla Bennett and her team of experts.