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Tummy Tuck Surgery Near Roswell

Do you live in Roswell and need a consultation with a tummy tuck surgery specialist? You can end your search by reaching out to the expert team of Dr. Myla Bennett at Ederra Bella in Johns Creek. Changing the shape of your tummy through surgery has never been more affordable. At Ederra Bella, we value our out-of-town patients and offer virtual consultation for your convenience.

All the treatment options available to you for shedding excess tummy fat and skin are fully discussed during a consultation. Dr. Myla Bennett will make individualized recommendations for the most effective treatments based on your specific body type and needs. Ederra Bella does not take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to tummy tuck surgery. We are passionate about providing tailored solutions that take the work and lifestyles of our patients into consideration.

Dr. Myla Bennett is a highly qualified plastic surgeon with extensive experience as a subspecialist in abdominoplasty procedures. You will receive excellence in care throughout the treatment process. We will also ensure that all aftercare needs are met to achieve optimal outcomes from your tummy tuck.

Virtual Tummy Tuck Consultation

A virtual tummy tuck consultation allows out-of-town patients to benefit from the expert recommendations of Dr. Myla Bennett from anywhere in the world. At Ederra Bella, we are committed to providing access for patients to the highest standard of treatment available in Georgia. We offer the opportunity to discuss potential tummy tuck options with a compassionate and understanding cosmetic surgeon, which is an important element of the treatment process.

Learn more about the benefits of a tummy tuck from Ederra Bella under the expert care of Dr. Myla Bennett. Reach out to our practice today for a comprehensive consultation in Johns Creek, Georgia.

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