Ederra Bella offers a variety of surgical treatments to help you gain confidence in your appearance. Our goal is to help every patient achieve an enhanced, natural appearance so that they feel beautiful and believe they are the very best versions of themselves.

Dr. Myla works with each patient to develop a comprehensive beauty plan that exceeds their expectations with superb aesthetic results. Surgical procedures we offer patients at our John’s Creek office include:

Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck, eliminates excess fat and loose, sagging skin on the abdomen, and there are two types of abdominoplasty – full tummy tucks and mini tummy tucks! Get help achieving the flat stomach you’ve always wanted with a tummy tuck from Ederra Bella.

Face Lift

Lift and tighten skin on your face and neck for a firmer, more youthful appearance with a facelift from Ederra Bella. Take years off your appearance and achieve the smooth skin of your younger self with minimal downtime and results you will love.

Thigh Lift

Improve the contours and shape of your thighs by reducing loose skin with a thigh lift. Weight loss, age, and other factors can sometimes cause the skin on your inner or outer thigh to become loose; a thigh lift tightens the skin to achieve a firm, taut figure.

Arm Lift

An arm lift sculpts your upper arms by tightening the supportive tissues that define their shape. Loose, sagging skin that hangs downward is tightened to reveal more slender, toned upper arm that you will be excited to show off.

Eye Lift

Age, stress and sun damage can cause the sensitive areas of skin around your eyes to lose their supple appearance and cause you to look older. An eye lift gives you a younger, well rested appearance by tightening this area and reversing the effects of time and gravity.

Chin Liposuction

Fat pockets on the chin and neck can cause you to look heavier, and are difficult to remove through toning with exercise and a healthy diet. Eliminate these fat pockets that cause a double chin and create a more chiseled profile with a chin liposuction.

Breast Surgery

Pregnancy, weight loss and genetics all play a role in determining the size and shape of your breasts. Increase fullness and improve symmetry in your bust with breast augmentation surgery providing you a more feminine, sexy shape.

Gluteal Augmentation

Get a more shapely, round butt with a Brazilian Butt Lift, also known as a gluteal augmentation. The procedure requires liposuction from another part of your body and is transferred to your butt for a fuller, more shapely figure.


Remove weight from targeted areas through liposuction. Treatment areas can include thighs, calves, ankles, chest, hips, face, chin, neck and more.

Mommy Makeover

Obtain your ideal shape with body treatments such as liposuction, gluteal augmentation, and our full Mommy Makeover package that helps mothers tighten and tone their body after pregnancy and child birth.

Plastic Surgery for Men

Discover the most common plastic surgery procedures for men. Choose the procedure that’s right for you, and book a consultation to get started on your journey to looking younger and more fit.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Enhance your sexual pleasure and improve the appearance of your most feminine area. Explore the different methods of vaginal rejuvenation from labiaplasty, fillers, and laser tightening.

Achieve Your Ideal Body with Ederra Bella

Dr. Myla of Ederra Bella strives to help each and every patient uncover their own unique expression of personal beauty and vibrancy. Contact or office by calling 678-325-0006 or filling out our online contact form to request a personal consultation where we can better understand your goals and aspirations, so you can get started becoming the best version of you.