Dr. Myla Bennett Talks Labioplasty Surgery

Says ‘Women Aren’t Created Equal Down There’

Jacque Reid talks about a new trend women are jumping on to have a sleeker look on their lady parts. Dr. Myla Bennett talks about Labioplasty, a surgical procedure that can alter the look of the folds of the vagina.

“It’s making the lady lips look a little bit better. Sometimes women, their labia will be long or floppy. We do an operation where we make that a little sleeker. Sometimes people don’t even get surgery, we’ll put fillers down there or lasers.”

Why women feel the need to “fix” their labia:

“Everybody is not created equal down there. Some people will actually have a longer one and can get in the way during exercise and they’ll have issues with it. It can be painful.”

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