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Are you looking for that slim version of you but you’re unwilling to have liposuction? You may be a candidate for CoolSculpting. This medical spa procedure, approved by the FDA, is taking the country by storm as more people are discovering this non-invasive method of removing fat cells. If you have been trying to remove those love handles to complete your look and the stubborn fat will not budge, CoolSculpting may be the answer.

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Liposuction sucks fat cells out of your body, and you can expect to spend about two weeks recovering from the treatment. It can have unpleasant side effects like damage to nerves, blood vessels or muscles, fluid accumulation, infection, anesthesia risks, and cardiac and pulmonary complications, to name a few. CoolSculpting, by contrast, is not invasive and there is virtually no downtime.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

CoolSculpting is an effective technique for removing fat cells. It does away with unwanted fat without surgery or incisions of any kind. The procedure is called cryolipolysis. The fat in the treatment area is cooled to a freezing temperature. About 25% of the fat in the treatment area is lost.

Fat cells frozen by treatment exit the body naturally. They are excreted out through the liver. This process takes several weeks. In a few months, the final results are fully realized. With proper diet and exercise, the change is permanent. Once destroyed by freezing, those fat cells are gone.

Maintenance of your newly sculptured look requires diligence. Even though the frozen fat cells are gone from your body, there are still fat cells within the treatment area that could grow under the right circumstances. A healthy diet and adequate exercise should keep them in check.

CoolSculpting can be used to treat various areas of the body, including:

  • Thighs
  • Lower back
  • Love handles
  • Belly
  • Buttocks
  • Arms
  • Legs

This method of fat reduction is also used to reduce the fat that causes the double chin.

Treatments usually take about an hour per targeted area. Larger areas may require more than one treatment.

Risks and Side Effects

As with any body-altering treatments, there are some risks and side effects associated with CoolSculpting.

  • Tugging sensation in the area of treatment – The treated area is placed between a set of cooling panels to freeze the fat cells. This procedure creates a sensation of pulling or tugging on the area that can be somewhat uncomfortable. It lasts for the duration of the treatment, which is from one to two hours.
  • Pain, stinging or aching in the treatment area – This is a common side effect of CoolSculpting that can last from 3 to 11 days, according to researchers. The discomfort probably is due to the intense cold temperatures during treatment.
  • Skin sensitivity, redness, bruising and swelling in the treatment area – The cold temperatures can cause these side effects, which usually resolve within a few weeks. The symptoms mimic those of frostbite; however, you will not get frostbite with CoolSculpting.
  • Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia in the treatment area – This is a very rare side effect which, when it does happen, usually happens in men undergoing treatment. Instead of being destroyed by the freezing temperatures, the fat cells grow larger. This is not a physically dangerous side effect; however, it does affect your appearance and it does not go away on its own.

Even with these side effects, CoolSculpting remains a highly sought-after solution to fat reduction in qualified candidates.

Those stubborn deposits of fat can be removed permanently with CoolSculpting treatments. Contact Ederra Bella today to schedule a consultation appointment. Find out if CoolSculpting is the answer to getting rid of your excess fat.

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