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The Surprising Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Although it is more common to talk about the wrinkles on our face or the extra bulge of fat on our hips, there are other parts of a woman’s body that can experience unwanted changes over time. In fact, age and childbirth can take quite the toll on a female’s “down there” region. Many of… Continue reading

Improve Your Complexion with A Lymphatic Facial Massage

A beautiful relaxed woman during facial massage.

In our modern, fast-paced culture, our complexion can feel the effects of everyday stress. It is common for adults to battle puffiness, dullness and irritation within their facial skin as they age. This can make you look tired and much older than you really are. Before you schedule your Botox or change your skin care… Continue reading

Understanding Facial Injections

Are you looking for a non-surgical approach to turn back the hands of time? You’ll want to consider the popular menu of injectables and fillers from a board certified plastic surgeon. When it comes to facial rejuvenation using injectables (Botox) and fillers, it is imperative that you have a provider that understands the best product… Continue reading

Stop Hating Your Nose

Young cheerful brunette pointing at her nicely shaped nose.

With the rise in selfies, video conferencing and social media posts, you may be keenly aware of the parts of your face that you don’t like. Due to its central and prominent position on the face, the nose tends to receive some of the most complaints. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your… Continue reading

Are You a Candidate for a Brow Lift?

Cheerful youthful mature woman looking at her face in a mirror.

Not only do eyebrows get thinner or more sparse as we age, but the brows can also lose their youthful arch and position. Drooping brows can create deep wrinkles in the forehead and cause the eyes to look tired or sad. A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, can address drooping or ptosis… Continue reading

Botox Basics

Woman Touching Her Cheek After Botox Injections

Have years of frowning, laughing and squinting left you with an aged, tired or angry appearance? You’ve probably heard of a popular non-surgical solution called Botox. Botox continues to top the list as the most popular facial injectable. Unlike filler products that add volume to an aging face, Botox works quite differently. It is important… Continue reading

The Beauty of a Vampire Facial™

The Beauty of a Vampire Facial

When it comes to reversing the signs of facial aging without surgery, many people turn to injectable treatments such as fillers and Botox. However, not everyone is comfortable with putting foreign substances into their skin for only temporary results. With today’s advancements in regenerative medicine, there is another, more natural solution to refresh the face.… Continue reading

Revision for Complex Scar Tissue

Scar Treatment Johns Creek GA

If you have highly visible scars from an injury, infection or previous surgery, you may not like the end result. It is understandable to feel self-conscious about any kind of skin blemish. Scars are especially problematic for some patients because they can impact both appearance and functionality around the affected area. Scar revision is a… Continue reading

How People Feel About Facial Moles

Doctor checking moles on patient's skin.

Facial moles are features that typically put people in one of two camps – you either love them or hate them. However, the conversation is more nuanced than such narrow opinions. For instance, what did you instantly think of when you read the words “facial moles?” For some, an image of beauty spots immediately springs… Continue reading

An Intimate Guide to Vaginal Rejuvenation

Woman in a red dress holding hands in front of her vulva area.

There are a variety of plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments available to help women look better and feel younger. A current trend that you may not be aware of can help you achieve greater sexual satisfaction and boost your confidence in the bedroom. Vaginal rejuvenation can repair the damage done from childbirth and aging and… Continue reading

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