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Mommy Makeover FAQs

Giving birth to a child is one of the most exciting new beginnings for a woman. In many cases, pregnancy will change a woman’s body even after they’ve given birth. Perhaps you are dealing with trouble areas such as deflated breasts, a protruding abdomen, and unsightly fat deposits.

If you are considering a Mommy Makeover to restore your pre-pregnancy body, it’s likely you have a few questions. Dr. Myla and the team at Ederra Bella answer some of our most frequently asked questions, so you can make an informed decision whether the procedure is right for you.

What is a Mommy Makeover? Am I Candidate?

A Mommy Makeover is a body contouring surgery that restores a woman’s body to its pre-pregnancy state. At Ederra Bella, each procedure can include several different treatments. Although the procedure usually involves a breast and abdomen procedure, we can customize the procedures to reflect your unique concerns. In many cases, a Mommy Makeover can include:

The ideal candidate for Mommy Makeovers are women whose breasts and abdomen have changed as a result of pregnancy and childbirth. By combining procedures, you can minimize your recovery time.

How Long Does Recovery Take After a Mommy Makeover?

Depending on which procedures you are a candidate for, initial recovery can take anywhere from 10 to 14 days. While most patients are able to return to work within 2 weeks, returning to your normal exercise routine may take up to 6 weeks. It’s important to consult with your doctor regarding your unique recovery time.

Following your procedure, if you are at home with your children, you may want to have someone around to help for at least the first week.

Can I Have Babies After a Mommy Makeover?

You can have babies after the Mommy Makeover. However, we cannot guarantee the results from abdominal contouring surgery will last. Your results will last longer if there is no added stress from pregnancy and breast engorgement. If you do happen to have a child following the procedure, we can provide touch-ups afterwards.

How Long Should I Wait After Having a Baby?

We recommend that you wait 3-4 months after you have stopped breastfeeding and your body has fully recovered from pregnancy to have a Mommy Makeover.

How Long Before I Can See Results?

Results are apparent almost immediately. Patients notice the changes within their body soon after surgery. Of course, final results do not occur for several months.

Schedule a Mommy Makeover at Ederra Bella

At Ederra Bella, we understand the body changes that women face following a pregnancy. If you are interested in the Mommy Makeover, Dr. Myla and the team at Ederra Bella can help. Contact Ederra Bella in Johns Creek, Georgia, today by scheduling an online consultation or calling us at (678) 325-0006.

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