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Keloid Removal at Ederra Bella

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Our bodies are miraculous things. When we are injured, our immune systems kick into high gear to repair the damage. Like tiny robots, new collagen fibers weave themselves together to form a blanket of protection. Most scars appear as flat and pale and are barely noticeable. In some cases, the body goes into overdrive and produces too much collagen. When this happens, the scar, now called a keloid, becomes raised and hard and can even become painful.

Keloid Symptoms

Keloids can develop when there is trauma to an area. Ears tend to be a common area for keloids resulting from ear piercing. Keloids can also form around surgical incision sites, from chicken pox scars or as a result of acne or burns. The other most common areas where keloids form are the chest, neck, shoulder and upper back. Individuals of African American, East Asian, Middle Eastern or Mediterranean descent are more susceptible to keloid formation.

Keloid symptoms include a lumpy or raised area of the skin, pink or red skin that can be itchy or an area that keeps growing larger around the injury site. Keloids can range from mildly irritating to painful, especially if they are in an area where clothing can rub against them. Since the keloid is rigid, it can cause a pulling sensation to the surrounding skin.

Keloids Can Make You Feel Less Confident

Depending on the affected area, keloids can cause you to feel less secure about your appearance. Large keloids on your earlobe or face can rob you of your self-confidence, making you feel like you must hide them. Sun exposure can cause the keloid to darken, making it even more visible. This could cause you to pull away from social settings and isolate yourself from friends.

Keloid Treatment at Ederra Bella

If you have developed keloids that are robbing you of your self-confidence and causing you discomfort, there are treatments available. Dr. Myla Bennett has the experience you need to properly evaluate your keloid and recommend the most effective treatment. Your treatment will depend on the size and placement of the keloid. Surgery is one treatment, but others, such as silicone gel dressings, corticosteroid injections, compression, laser therapy and cryosurgery have all been shown as effective treatments.

Ederra Bella combines the most technologically advanced keloid treatments with the care of a devoted staff. If you have keloids, contact Ederra Bella today to schedule a consultation.

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