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How to Reduce Pore Size

Enlarged pores are a common concern among patients today. Unfortunately, the two main factors behind enlarged pores are genetics and age, making them difficult to treat with home remedies. At Ederra Bella, we offer a variety of skin care treatments that can reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and the complications they cause, like acne.

Continue reading to learn more about Ederra Bella’s exclusive medical spa services and how they can help you achieve smaller pores and other beauty goals.

Chemical Peels for Reducing Enlarged Pores

To reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, keeping your face and pores clean is crucial. When pores have a buildup of oil and dirt the pores will swell, causing acne. Chemical peels are a great way to cleanse the face, and rid the pores of a buildup of dead skin, oil, and dirt.

The chemical peels from Ederra Bella are personalized for your skin type and desired results. Dr. Myla can help you achieve smoother, smaller looking pores with a variety of chemical peel treatments.

Treating Large Pores with Facials

To help reduce the size of enlarged pores, routine facials are recommended. Whether you prefer a HydraFacial, Acne Detox Facial, or one of Ederra Bella’s other facial options, you can walk away with clearer, more even skin.

Overtime, the exposure your face receives from sun, dirt, air, and other elements can make your skin look dull and clog your pores. Facials are beneficial in removing oil and dead skin cells from patient’s pores, reducing the look of enlarged pores. When done regularly, facials can keep pores clean and smooth.

Micro-Needling for Even Skin

Ederra Bella offers micro-needling to patients dealing with acne scars, stretch marks, enlarged pores, and more. Our micro-needling treatments can be combined with a number of advanced serums to optimize results depending on your goals.

Micro-needing works to treat enlarged pores by making small perforations to the skin to stimulate your body’s natural healing process. This process makes it easier for the body to naturally minimize the look of enlarged pores and create smoother looking skin.

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