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How to Get Even Skin Tone with Laser Treatments

Age spots, birthmarks, and freckles – every one of us has unique marks on our bodies, but some of these visible spots can make us appear older. These discolorations in the skin are also known as pigmented lesions. Underneath these pigmented lesions is spot-free, radiant skin trying to come out.

If you’re ready to restore even skin tone and younger looking skin without pain or downtime, Dr. Myla at Ederra Bella is a board certified cosmetic plastic surgeon who specializes in removing pigmented lesions for patients with all skin types and colors with laser treatments.

Pigmented Lesion Removal

These age spots, sun spots, liver spots, or other pigmented lesions can appear from an excessive concentration of melanin in the skin, which is what gives skin its color. These high concentrations of melanin can be caused by age, genetics, and exposure to the sun.

Before treatment, Dr. Myla will examine your lesions and assess the removal success rate. With the use of laser treatments on the skin, dark pigmented lesions can be lightened or removed altogether. The procedure itself produces mild discomfort, giving patients the ability to return to their normal routine immediately following the procedure.

Laser Treatment Results

Laser treatments are the best and most effective procedure out there for pigmented lesions. Our treatments at Ederra Bella can permanently remove these lesions – however, larger lesions, specifically café au lait birthmarks, can return over time with sun exposure. To prevent this, be cautious of the sun and use the right sunscreen following your procedure.

Side effects of the laser treatments are minimal, where the skin sometimes turns a pink or dark color temporarily after the procedure. The number of treatments needed varies depending on the amount of lesions, but you can always count on clear, spotless, younger looking skin at the end of it.

Contact Ederra Bella in Johns Creek, GA to Get Even Skin Tone

Get your youthful and spot-free skin back with our simple laser treatments at Ederra Bella. Dr. Myla is well-versed in cosmetic laser procedures for pigmented lesions and will ensure you are comfortable with your experience.

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