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Feed Your Face Without Fillers

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The last fifteen to twenty years has shown a huge growth in the plastic surgery industry due to the advent of dermal fillers. If you watch television at all, you’ve seen stars with fillers. Whether you’re viewing the antics of the Kardashian clan, dancing movie stars, or just about any other show, you’ve likely seen someone with fillers, even if it’s not something you can recognize.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are typically made of hyaluronic acid, otherwise known as HLA. Though your body makes HLA as part of the immune system, it gets broken down during the same day it’s made. The HLA that used as a filler remains in your body for 4-6 months to plump areas like lips, or fill flattened cheekbones or droopy eye areas.

There is definitely a time and place for dermal fillers, and at Ederra Bella, we proudly offer Juvederm and Restalyne to help correct age-related volume issues. But not every skin and facial “flaw” can be corrected with a dermal filler.

Beauty Without and Within

Dr. Myla is dedicated to helping her patients discover their beauty, from the outside to the inside! So often what patients perceive as flaws to be fixed are actually features to be embraced. Learning to love and accept your body is an important step in mental health. More often than not, you can do more natural things to improve the health of your skin and face and ignite your inner glow. Of course, there are MedSpa services, like a vampire facial or chemical peels to help jump start beautiful skin, but one thing that gets overlooked in the journey to beauty is excellent routine skin care.

Prescription for Pretty

Skin care should not only cleanse and purify your face, but also hydrate, prevent blemishes, tighten, polish, and provide refreshment to make you feel beautiful. You won’t find all this in a skincare line at your Walgreens or Target. You won’t find it at a Macy’s beauty counter or even Ulta. To get a truly different and amazing dermal experience, you need Pretty Rx by Dr. Myla. This cutting-edge skin care line was developed to help you feel beautiful in your own skin, no matter what kind of features you have!

Schedule your appointment at Ederra Bella, just north of Atlanta. A consult with Dr. Myla will help determine what your skin and facial needs are. Call today for a more beautiful tomorrow.

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