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Do You Want Tighter Skin?

No matter how old we are, most of us would jump at the chance for tighter skin. In our mid-twenties, our body begins to produce less collagen, and wrinkles and fine lines will begin to make their appearance on our face, neck, chest, etc. When this happens, the skin will begin to look thinner and older – no matter how old you actually are.

With laser skin tightening, you can get the natural-looking aging relief you’re looking for.

How Does Laser Skin Tightening Work

This procedure increases collagen production in the skin on your face and neck, giving you noticeable yet natural-looking results. This procedure is perfect for patients anywhere in their late twenties to mid-sixties who have varying degrees of skin laxity.

During the procedure, a clinician will go over the area you’re looking to improve with the laser a couple of times for optimum results. Once the treatment is over, you’ll be able to jump right back into your daily schedule with no downtime whatsoever.

How Laser Skin Tightening Works

Laser skin tightening is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that uses an infrared light beam to heat the collagen in the skin. When the laser heats the collagen just under the skin’s surface, it causes it to tighten. This tightening lends a rejuvenated, younger look to your skin—and the best part is you’ll see results right after the treatment!

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Laser skin tightening is the solution for your loose skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. If you have any questions regarding this procedure or others feel free to reach out to us online or by phone at (678) 325-0006.

Make a move toward a younger-looking you today by booking your consultation with Dr. Myla and the Ederra Bella team.

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