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Are You a Candidate for Back Liposuction?

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Liposuction is one of the most requested plastic surgery procedures and it can be performed in many different areas. Some of the most common areas include the abdomen, thighs, and under the chin, but there is another popular area – the back. While you may not see the rolls around your bra or love handles protruding under your shirt as easily, you probably are well aware these fat deposits are there. If you have back fat, you may be a good candidate for back lipo.

Genetics, hormones, and other factors determine where your body stores fat and what areas shrink when you lose fat. For some people, the mid to lower back is a trouble area where excess fat is stored. When there is back fat, it can change your silhouette and affect how your clothes fit. The love handles or fatty flanks are common in men, while women often have side and back rolls.

Liposuction is the ultimate technique for body contouring. While there are non-surgical options, liposuction can remove more fat and contour the body more accurately and once the fat cells are removed, they will not reappear. Back liposuction can remove pounds of fat that widen your waist and torso circumference in one procedure. The best candidates for any type of liposuction, including back lipo, are those that are within a healthy weight range but have targeted fat deposits they want to be removed.

Slim Your Midsection with Back Lipo

Whether you are at the beach or wearing a revealing or snug outfit, back fat can be a problem. If you are self-conscious of your love handles or back rolls, you may be a good candidate for back lipo. Diet or exercise-resistant fat can be suctioned away through tiny incisions that will become nearly invisible once they heal. In the weeks that follow your procedure, your midsection will shrink in size and the lumps of fat on your back will disappear as the inflammation from surgery goes away.

Back + Abdomen Liposuction = Lipo 360

One of the most popular liposuction procedures we offer at Ederra Bella is Lipo 360. If you have back fat and fat around your abdomen, Lipo 360 can reshape your entire lower torso. This procedure suctions away pooches on your tummy, rolls on your waist, love handles, and back rolls to create a slim, smooth midsection. Many people who have back fat also have extra fat on their stomachs, making Lipo 360 a perfect solution for full-circumference body contouring.

Back Liposuction in Johns Creek, GA

If you are ready to say goodbye to back fat and hello to a slimmer silhouette, contact our team at Ederra Bella in Johns Creek, GA. Call our office or contact us online through our website to request a liposuction consultation with Dr. Myla.

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